Welcome all Life-Parents


The Life-Parent nurtures high-caliber family relationships, and is sustained by those relationships. Quality ensures sustainability. That which is sustainable fosters long-term benefits. Longevity cultivates stability. Stability is the fabric for trust and security, the foundations on which we build quality family relationships. It’s not a circle. It’s a sphere… a whole world of existence. The fight for rights is noble, but it’s for others. The Life-Parent’s weapon is pure, unadulterated love.


  1. As a life-parent, you embrace humanity as the root does the tree. You nurture yourself first as a caregiver, for your family’s well-being rests on your health.  Your disposition is gentle, loving, kind, and patient, for you are in that relationship with your children for life.  You are intent on enjoying every minute of parenthood, for you know if you do, they will see the joy in your heart reflected in your eye. This plants the seeds of courage and confidence, nourishing their growth.


You can be fast when you need to be, but the Life-Parent’s deliberately works at a relaxed pace. The slowness helps you fulfill your deep need to acknowledge your connection and interdependence with the rest of the universe. It helps you to perpetually remain in the present, and allows you to savor life’s tenderest little moments…moments you use to gather yourself… moments that grow you and give you the abundance you need to share with the world. Quick-fixes and fast answers are the anti-thesis of the life-Parent.  You distrust that which moves too fast, can’t be still with self, does a hurried, superficial job and moves on, or works against inner peace and tranquility.


  1. Each Life-parent has a purpose in this world, and knows what that purpose is. The Life-Parent has a keen sense about where that purpose fits into the grander scheme of things.  Your soul knew, before you walked this earth, that your mission is larger then life: Those in your keep have hitched their wagons unto yours because they recognize in you, beyond all shadow of doubt, the reflection of God’s matchless power and beauty.


The Life-Parent serves to uplift the masses. Humanity’s story is wanting if it leaves behind the downtrodden and the disadvantaged. Every life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, has a purpose. Society’s programming has placed veils over our eyes, preventing us from seeing the unique shine that each person brings to this world. The Life-Parent wants to lift that veil and understand each person’s purpose, just because…


The Life-Parent believes in that which is research-based & current: Our ancestors established their own best parenting practices for their times. Modern parents must do likewise. Cutting edge technology is synonymous with progress and the love of knowledge. The Life-Parent respects and honors the traditions that served our ancestors well. At the same time, the Life-Parent breeds on best-practices informed by the scientific community today.


The Life-Parent recognizes the interdependence among life’s roles and responsibilities, and does not subscribe to the abstraction of a balanced life. A work-life balance first acknowledges disjointed roles, then tries to maintain the integrity of each role. Contrary to conventional wisdom, being able to mix work and play, professional life with home life, reflects the totality of the whole person. Holding it up for the world to see, is in fact THE mark of a life of true integrity.


The Life-Parent values community collaboration: Other care-giving stakeholders are not only involved. They ARE the Life-Parent movement. Join the movement. Be a Life-Parent!

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