Three Powerful Ways To Get teenagers to work with you

OK so this friend of mine wants to know what’s going on with teenagers anyway. In her exact words, “I provide for them pretty well… better than most parents.  I talk to them.  I allow them to talk to me.  I set fair rules and stick to them.  I give them the freedom they need to think and act for themselves as long as they stick with my rules. So why are they little angels one minute, and brats the next? Better yet, what do I do about it?”

The Agony Of Shattered Lives; Parenting In the 21st Century

51-kidcryingMommy shrieked out in pain as if someone had stuck a dagger straight to her heart.

She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Her body heaved and shook. Her knees crumbled and she sunk to the floor… like the bird that just hit a glass window.

Sheer Agony.

She wrapped her wringing hands to her breast and wept as my heart bled right along with her.« Continue »