How Parents Help Children Succeed in School (Pt. 2)

Yesterday we took a glimpse at getting in the best possible frame of mind before school reopens.  Today we look briefly at parental involvement with the school itself. This is a good time for getting in touch with the school to find out what training and/or networking opportunities are coming up exclusively for parents.   Here […]

How Parents Influence Children To Succeed in School (Part 1)

Parents want their children to do well in school. So much depends upon it. Whatever the last report card said, we still make room for improvements any way we can as parents.  Some of our kids only need us to tweak a few things.  Others present us with a bit more of a challenge.  Whatever […]

Social Media & Internet Tips for Parents

Did you know school-yard squabbles migrated online? Last school year I had police officers in front of me four times dealing with internet threats of violence among students. That’s right… four! It starts with someone throwing an insult out of jealousy or whatever. Then, because its risky to start something in the schoolyard, each time, […]

Immigrant and Changing Parenting Values

What do you teach children after moving to a new country? Immigrant parents almost always face a serious conflict between some of the values they grew up with, on the one hand, and new and different values that are dominant in their new country of residence. In fact, this is a burning issue facing even […]

Three Powerful Ways To Get teenagers to work with you

OK so this friend of mine wants to know what’s going on with teenagers anyway. In her exact words, “I provide for them pretty well… better than most parents.  I talk to them.  I allow them to talk to me.  I set fair rules and stick to them.  I give them the freedom they need […]