How To Motivate Lifelong Learning And Readiness For College

OK so maybe it’s gotten just a little debatable whether or not a college education is necessary in this post-modern economy. But its still universally accepted that massive and rapid learning in general is totally necessary for success in life. Even if your children don’t get it in (or through) the walls of college classrooms, […]

Breaking: You Can Have Your Family Back If You Chose To Get Off the Treadmill

You’re on life’s thread-mill, exchanging time for dollars…running faster and faster just to stay in one place. Your grandparents used to bring home less pay. Yet they had more leisure time and lived fairly comfortable lives by world standards. More importantly, they raised an entire family with hardly a glitch. We’ve gotten amazing technology. The […]

How Safe Are The Children At School From Your Child?

  What are the odds of a bully or his parent not being aware he’s one? A small group of experts believe that bullying is just a point on the “aggression” scale, and that all human beings can be placed somewhere on that scale. In other words, all of us are capable of being a bully. In fact, we […]

A Parent’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Drugs And Risky Behavior

Eighty-seven degrees in the heart of winter What is it that makes you live on an island paradise under the Caribbean sun, yet never go to the beach for three years?  That’s the question I was pondering yesterday looking out at the shimmering sea under clean blue skies with no clouds. I can give you […]

Why Some Children Don’t Work In School (Pt. 10)

Of Youth, Parenting, Teachers, and Education Over the years working with youth-workers from many institutions, and educators in many schools, several themes kept coming up. Listening to the principal of the middle school out in the Caribbean islands talk about educational challenges is remarkable in its resemblance to a chat with the manager of the […]

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