Breaking: You Can Have Your Family Back If You Chose To Get Off the Treadmill

A-Matrix-for-21st-century-familiesYou’re on life’s thread-mill, exchanging time for dollars…running faster and faster just to stay in one place.

Your grandparents used to bring home less pay. Yet they had more leisure time and lived fairly comfortable lives by world standards. More importantly, they raised an entire family with hardly a glitch.

We’ve gotten amazing technology. The entire planet is starting to boom financially. How has mankind gotten worse off in the midst of the most spectacular growth-period in history?

This is the picture your life is made of, and you know something’s terribly wrong with it. But like most other folks, you accepted it even while having that vague, unsettling suspicion all this isn’t quite right. And it’s not just the picture of your life either…it’s the entire frickin’ canvas everyone’s life is woven into. It’s big and you feel it’s staring you straight in the face but you still can’t put a single finger on it.« Continue »

What Is Your Child’s Purpose? Why The World Needs More World Citizens

Is it really true that every child is born with a special and unique gift?

If you ask 10 people, chances are all of them will answer with a “yes.”  Which begs the next questions: “How do you find out what that gift is?”  And what do you do about it as a parent?

A gift and a dream« Continue »

What Are Kids For?

Do you think I’m dumb enough to think I’m smart enough to actually have a straight answer to that question?

Think again.« Continue »

Parents Alert: Better Parenting Is How Your Child Will Not Be Left Behind

STOP reading if your parenting goal is to raise a child who will survive.  You learn that with zero effort, according to developmental psychologists.

It’s about the best parenting practices designed to give your child a competitive edge.  You cannot do that with the same skill- set your grandparents used.

They’re all getting smarter

Did you know that the average child today has a higher IQ than the average child of just fifty years ago?  Your child therefore needs a higher IQ  than your grandparents did, just to have an equal chance.« Continue »

The Zen of Parenting; Mission & Passion

Once they're lined up...

Stop it with the annual New-Year’s resolutions already!

Do you want to be that 60-year-old still trying to run around chasing what she started at age 25?

I DO! Latching on to a bigger-than-life mission is sexy.« Continue »

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