The Six Most Powerful Motivators For Schoolchildren To Do Their Best

1. The student was led to make her own choices The power of choice has huge influence on motivation. After having ambitions to finish with high grades and getting in to a good college, there was a young man back in the 1970’s who spent his last years of junior college wasting a lot of […]

The Connection Between Family Engagement And School Grades

For many families, there’s the overarching challenge with poor school performance for one or more schoolchildren. The million-dollar question is: What’s responsible for it? There’s tons of reliable research out there on this issue, yet it’s extremely hard to find. It’s mixed up and buried under even more unreliable data and plain old misinformation. To […]

How To Motivate Lifelong Learning And Readiness For College

OK so maybe it’s gotten just a little debatable whether or not a college education is necessary in this post-modern economy. But its still universally accepted that massive and rapid learning in general is totally necessary for success in life. Even if your children don’t get it in (or through) the walls of college classrooms, […]

Breaking: You Can Have Your Family Back If You Chose To Get Off the Treadmill

You’re on life’s thread-mill, exchanging time for dollars…running faster and faster just to stay in one place. Your grandparents used to bring home less pay. Yet they had more leisure time and lived fairly comfortable lives by world standards. More importantly, they raised an entire family with hardly a glitch. We’ve gotten amazing technology. The […]

How To Master Ninja Parenting Tricks and Skills Like a Boss.

It’s the world’s best kept secret… hiding in plain sight. And it’s making you more than just a little angry.  It’s too big an issue, too important… means too much to so many…the proverbial elephant in the room that’s so big, we just assumed it was a hairy wall and the room was supposed to be THIS […]

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