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What NOT To Do When Children Aren’t Doing Well In School

Jane-Doe, a caring girl with her classmates most of the time, did well in school when things were going well at home.  Then she suddenly began showing up in school late, being disruptive in class. She developed a don’t care attitude to most of her school work…and teachers for that matter. Even her friends started […]

When Failing School Grades Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Let’s say your son or daughter usually has great grades in school, and then it changes for the worse and you don’t know why, I have both good news and bad news for you. My focus for the last few posts has been on poor school performance when children are not motivated. But this is […]

How To Help Teenagers Resist Peer-Pressure And Listen to You Instead

“Are you seriously trying to get me to believe my boy isn’t doing well in school because he doesn’t get the motivation from home, Mr. Davis? I can read between the lines you know. It’s not that complicated. He’s just following those no-good friends of his. It’s as simple as that.” Low-hanging fruit Twenty years […]

The Six Most Powerful Motivators For Schoolchildren To Do Their Best

1. The student was led to make her own choices The power of choice has huge influence on motivation. After having ambitions to finish with high grades and getting in to a good college, there was a young man back in the 1970’s who spent his last years of junior college wasting a lot of […]

The Connection Between Family Engagement And School Grades

For many families, there’s the overarching challenge with poor school performance for one or more schoolchildren. The million-dollar question is: What’s responsible for it? There’s tons of reliable research out there on this issue, yet it’s extremely hard to find. It’s mixed up and buried under even more unreliable data and plain old misinformation. To […]