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If your gut always knew your passion can uplift others
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What They Never Taught Us About Intelligence And Success

hard road to success“I only want to help my children to go further than I did.”

I bet you used to hear that from parents as often as I did while growing up.  I bet that now, you know how they felt.

You send them to school, monitor their progress, and guide them as best you can. But there are lots of highly educated folks in the world still struggling.

You try your best to discipline them.. to teach them the value of hard work, and living right. You know that this gives them a better chance in life. But the world’s hardest workers remain poor. They never get to reap the benefits of their labor.

And when things take a turn for the worse in your own life… a bad economy… a relationship that’s not working the way it should.. a position on the job you deserved that was given to someone else… it’s really tough sometimes.  And so many things are beyond your control, no matter what you do, it might still be even harder for your children.

Well here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be that way.  There might be a way to give them a better shot.

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This is the second post from Robert Cialdini’s fifth edition (2009) of  ”Influence.” Test your knowledge of state-of-the art research on parenting methods while having some fun discussing and sharing with the Life-Parent community. “All this has important implications for rearing children. It suggests that we should never heavily bribe or threaten our children to […]


What Fraternity Hazing & Chinese Prison Camps Can Teach Us About Raising Children

This post is an unedited excerpt from Robert Cialdini’s fifth edition (2009) of  “Influence.” We’re using it to run a comment competition based on the question immediately following the excerpt.  Test your knowledge of state-of-the art research on parenting methods while having some fun discussing and sharing with the Life-Parent community. “It appears that the […]


How Safe Are The Children At School From Your Child?

  What are the odds of a bully or his parent not being aware he’s one? A small group of experts believe that bullying is just a point on the “aggression” scale, and that all human beings can be placed somewhere on that scale. In other words, all of us are capable of being a bully. In fact, we […]


A Parent’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Drugs And Risky Behavior

Eighty-seven degrees in the heart of winter What is it that makes you live on an island paradise under the Caribbean sun, yet never go to the beach for three years?  That’s the question I was pondering yesterday looking out at the shimmering sea under clean blue skies with no clouds. I can give you […]


Why Some Children Don’t Work In School (Pt. 10)

Of youth, parenting, teachers, and education Over the years working with youth-workers from many institutions, and educators in many schools, several themes kept coming up. Listening to the principal of the middle school out in the Caribbean islands talk about educational challenges is remarkable in its resemblance to a chat with the manager of the […]


Why Some Children Don’t Work In School (Pt. 9)

Rita looked up at the two adults staring at Mommy. Mommy’s jaw dropped too. Emptiness.  It meant nothing. They were people she knew walking around in some corner of her life. None of them seemed to care that  her family was falling apart, not even her mother.  All they cared about was stupid school-grades. The […]


Why Some Children Don’t Work In School (Pt. 8)

Danny tried to swallow.  Nothing.  The heat rushed to his head and there was the sudden, familiar sensation of a scent from inside his own nostrils, then the heat flared behind it somewhere in his head.  Here we go again.  His fingertips dug into his palm. Then he closed his eyes for a second and […]


Why Some Children Don’t Work In School (Pt. 7)

Gilbert’s mother destroyed his school career. He was only eight years old; athletic and strong as an ox. He was my best friend; the kindest, gentlest person I had ever met. He kept the class bully off my back…just because he couldn’t stand to see my skinny frame thrown around by someone twice my size.  […]


Why Some Children Don’t Work In School (Pt. 6)

Miss Gallego was in danger of losing her child and she knew it. That empty feeling of dread inside her belly was tugging at her day and night by the time she came to see me. She had seen it coming…like some horrible nightmare she couldn’t keep away at night.  It didn’t happen overnight. But […]