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The Unseen Bug In Our Parenting Culture

Where would the cat fit?

Where would the cat fit?

Over the last thousand years or so we developed parenting traditions suited for their times. If you look closely, these traditions served our societies well in days gone by, and some still do.

Many of them however, no longer have a place in modern society. We need to ‘upgrade’ those traditions. After all, parenting is the means by which society passes its way of life to future generations. For something as important as that, we cannot afford to let it become outmoded.

In my experience, outmoded parenting practices is the unseen ‘bug’ in our cultures. They create untold mischief as families try to raise their children.

It’s time for a “reboot.”

Join us on Blogtalk Radio at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 24th as we discuss this most important topic for raising children in the information age.

Here is one example: Discipline

It is helpful to acknowledge that the parent-child relationship is like all other relationships.

We enhance all relationships through bonding experiences and skillful communication. We also damage them through negative communication or painful experiences.

Most of us can relate to this easily. It simply makes sense.  No one goes around “making friends and influencing people” by talking down to them or hitting them. Right? However, that  bug in our culture programs us to approach children in a totally different way.  In fact, we throw what we know is wise completely through the window.  The bug says to us, “children are “less than equals. We must talk to them and treat them as such.”

So we “discipline” them with negative communication.. and painful experiences.


This insistence on what I call a “subservient mindset” is a problem. It influences us to preach one thing and practice something else.

So log in to the radio program for more.. then lets start the discussion.We can do that using the comments below, or on Google+ or on our Facebook page.

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