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Pure love, the only truth worth seeking

How To Master Ninja Parenting Tricks and Skills Like a Boss.

Get your TLP Survey done picIt’s the world’s best kept secret… hiding in plain sight.

And it’s making you more than just a little angry.  It’s too big an issue, too important… means too much to so many…the proverbial elephant in the room that’s so big, we just assumed it was a hairy wall and the room was supposed to be THIS small!

Downright crazy!

Every blog, every magazine, every online advice column on parenting hints at it. But no one comes out plain and just tells it like it is.

I’m not talking about those mommy blogs that promote freebies mind you. I’m talking about outfits that talk about how to parent… how to teach kids the important life skills, attitudes, values and habits that will make them win at this thing called life.« Continue »

Why Is This So Hard?

You just can’t win. Happens every frickin’ time.  Just when you thought things are finally turning around, something else again. She’s being rude and argumentative to every request you make. What’s a parent to do in a situation like that? You don’t have time for this!  Back in the day, she’d get a taste of your belt.


Why Building Better Relationships Is The Most Worthwhile Goal For Any Year

So instead of “resolving” to do anything, how about seeing, in minute detail, what it’s going to be like by the end of the year with the kids? The laughter, the playing, the fun, the hugs, great school grades… all of it. There’s a lot we have to talk about on this. I thought I’d […]


Using Communication Skills–Are You Shooting Your Parent-Child Relationshop In the Foot?

Here’s a story in my work-life that happens way too often: I use all the tools I can muster to get a teenager to talk to me… often after days of building a relationship and getting him to trust me. Finally, I get him to open up about the issue that landed him in my […]


The Unseen Bug In Our Parenting Culture

Over the last thousand years or so we developed parenting traditions suited for their times. If you look closely, these traditions served our societies well in days gone by, and some still do. Many of them however, no longer have a place in modern society. We need to ‘upgrade’ those traditions. After all, parenting is […]